Our team offers high-quality coaching sessions that can be adjusted according to your level and personal expectations. A tailor-made program can help optimize your training and objectives. 

Private Coaching

Bénéficiez d'un coaching dédié à votre progression.


In small & efficient groups, this service provides an intensive training



The Écuries d'Ecaussinnes can manage the logistics of your show program, both for your participation in the Longines Masters Series and any other event in Europe you wish to attend.
Several packages are available to meet your requirements. Please ask for more information!

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Écuries d'Ecaussinnes offer amateur riders the possibility to lease a sport horse to participate in our clinics and/or European show jumping events, including the Longines Masters 1* and 2* (Paris and Los Angeles). Combine this service with exclusive coaching sessions to prepare for the shows. 

Occasionnal leasing

Louez un cheval de qualité pour progresser.

Lease with purchase option

Financez l'achat de votre futur cheval.