New 6yo

KILLER DU GRAND MOUSTIER, promising 6 yo by Kannan x Acaletto, has joined team ecaussinnes few weeks ago and will now compete under the saddle of Louise Ameeuw!


New 5 yo

New 5YO talent TASHMAN (Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Quidam’s Rubin) has just joined our stables 


Octavie de la Belle Croix

OCTAVIE DE LA BELLE-CROIX , promising 2 years old (Jasco du Bourbecq x Sherman Sitte), joined us after the Wallonia Open Championship Ahecs - Association Hennuyère des Eleveurs de Chevaux de Sport


Utamaro filly !

Welcome to this splendid filly from homebred UTAMARO D’ECAUSSINNES


Garance de Vains

Bought during Lanaken World Championship, Vice World Champion of the 6yo



New at Écuries d'Écaussinnes!

The stables are expanding with the arrival of our new farms.  Enjoy full hospitality now with our 10-horse Barnes and our new rider's quarters just a few feet away! 
✉️ More info at administration@ecuecau.be



Leasing of show-jumping Horses 'ready to compete' for elite amateur and young riders.

Ecaulease launches a unique program in Europe for the leasing of accomplished, quality, and 'ready to compete' show-jumping Horses ideally located close to Brussels. Destined to cater to today fast evolving equestrian sport scene, Ecaulease opens opportunities for Elite amateurs and Young-riders to improve riding skills, gain valuable experience competing and access Europe's best circuits and show grounds.

For more informations: 



Discover Reverdy:

Reverdy Benelux leading by Christophe Ameeuw and his team for its distribution is worth a look.

Indeed, just like humans, each horse deserves healthy nutrition, balanced and adapted to its needs.
Today, Reverdy has taken up this challenge by developing a unique expertise based on total mastery of the manufacturing process.
Created with the help of veterinary experts in the field, this food from regional and French agriculture contains the best of raw materials without any use of by-products.
To find out more about this quality food and how to order it: https://www.reverdy-benelux.com/en



REVERDY Equine Nutrition Now Available in Benelux

Nutrition is the necessary and indispensable foundation for the horse’s well-being and performance.

Entrepreneur at heart, Christophe Ameeuw, founder and CEO of Les Ecuries d’Ecaussinnes, focuses on equine nutrition as the foundation for the well-being, the prevention and the performance of sport horses, and announces the launch of Reverdy Benelux, exclusive distributor of REVERDY EQUINE NUTRITION on Benelux market. 

 “I discovered Reverdy Nutrition for the feeding of my horses at Ecuries d’Ecaussinnes and had spectacular results. With the global crisis we’re facing, I think that Reverdy’s values have a particular and very relevant echo. Today, riders, owners, breeders and professionals are increasingly paying attention to the origin of the products, the quality and their importance for their horses’ welfare” 

Why is nutrition so important for horses?

“Let thy food be thy medicine” stated Hippocrates, father of medicine. Digestive colic is the biggest cause of mortality for horses. Consequently, we measure the importance of carefully feeding horses, especially to prevent this common, life-threatening condition. From a performance perspective, a balanced diet covering all daily nutritional requirements contributes to optimal growth in young horses and allows athlete horses to express their full potential.  

Our obsession: quality 

Reverdy uses the best raw materials on the market, most suitable for horses. The conception of our ingredients is based on traditional dietary practices, used for centuries by mankind, with no by-products from the food industry and based on advanced scientific research. The sanitary and nutritional quality of the ingredients, constant all year round, the absence of added sugars (molasses), the richness in omega 3 and antioxidants, and vitamins in optimal dosses, all guarantee the superior quality of the product. Reverdy offers a complete range of feeds and of nutritional supplements adapted to all horses’ needs. 

About REVERDY  Equine Nutrition

Founded in 2000, a few kilometres from Mont Saint Michel in Normandie, REVERDY Equine Nutrition was born from the encounter between Le Haras du Reverdy and a breeder of champions, and from their observation of the absolute necessity, for the well-being of their breeding, of excellent feeds based on the selection of the highest quality raw materials. 

Order now: https://www.reverdy-benelux.com/en


The Auction: Acte solidaire

Record solidarity for "Trésors de champions"

€36,238 raised to support riding schools hard hit by the Covid crisis.

Yesterday evening, May 8th, the French equestrian community mobilized en masse on The Auction by

Arqana's online auction platform. More than 560 bidders fought until 11:30pm to acquire their

"Treasures of Champions" and collect 36,238 Euros to benefit the emergency fund launched by the

French Equestrian Federation in support of riding schools and pony clubs hit by the Covid-19 crisis.

The top price was reached by Philippe Rozier's "treasure", the first nomination to his Olympic stallion

Rahotep de Toscane, owned by Christian Baillet. Frédéric Pérouse forked out 8,500 Euros on this

unique mate to his daughter’s mare.

In second place, the winner’s rug won in 2019 by the mythical couple Simon Delestre and Hermès Ryan

in the Grand Prix du Saut Hermès, was acquired by Océane Finet for 4,009 Euros as a moving tribute

to her mother.

Rounding out the podium is the Hermès saddle of Olympic champion eventer Astier Nicolas, winner

of team gold at Rio in 2016. Stéphane Colas laid out 2,580 Euros for this special birthday present for

his daughter.

The "Treasures of Champions" on offer appealed not only to equestrian fans but also to Philippe

Guerdat, who acquired Kevin Staut's rug from the Final of the 2014 Barcelona Cup of Nations, where France finished 3rd under his direction, as well as Thierry Rozier's French team polo shirt worn during the World Equestrian Games in Tryon in 2018.

Eric Hoyeau and Christophe Ameeuw, founding partners of The Auction, warmly thank the bidders,

the 21 champion riders representing the disciplines of show jumping, eventing, dressage and paraolympics;

the photographer Jessica Rodrigues; Alexandre Bekka, the riders' agent at the initiative of this sale; as well as all the volunteers who took part in this charity auction.

Stay tuned for upcoming sales on The Auction by Arqana.